Announcing our Partnership with Class Technologies

SmartTerm is partnering with Class Technologies, a global leader in digital live learning solutions.

July 2022 | Six years ago, SmartTerm set out on a mission to change the way students in the Caribbean learn. At that time, over 90% of schools in the Caribbean were entirely manual. Teachers were overworked and lacked the tools necessary to drive student success, school leaders struggled to manage their institutions effectively, parents felt ostracised from the learning process, and students simply fell through the cracks. These conditions led us to build a student lifecycle management solution that focused on the complete student journey from applicant to alumni allowing schools to be better managed, efficient, and data-informed.

Today, the SmartTerm platform supports over 600 institutions, and we’re no longer focused on just the Caribbean – the world is our oyster. The Caribbean is our home, and being regionalists at heart, we are passionate about effecting change in the Caribbean to improve the lives of our people and our economies. However, the pandemic has exposed the fragile nature of education globally, and we want to do our part to help. Our renewed vision is to change how the world learns, and we have found the right partner to help us realise that goal.

With that said, we proudly announce that SmartTerm is partnering with Class Technologies to deliver a premium digital live learning solution to our customers. Hybrid and HyFlex learning modalities are the future of education, and Class Technologies is a market leader. Our deep integration with Class will allow us to capture rich engagement analytics that our educators can use to facilitate continuous quality improvement.

“The SmartTerm platform is a comprehensive solution that supports the digitisation of educational institutions. Together, SmartTerm and Class create a robust EdTech ecosystem. We have partnered to help education institutions and companies transform to support hybrid and virtual digital learning and training,” says Michael Chasen, Founder & CEO of Class Technologies.


About SmartTerm
Founded in 2016, SmartTerm is an EdTech company with locations in Jamaica and Canada. Its flagship product, the SmartTerm LMS supports over 600 K-12 schools in 13 countries globally. SmartTerm is on a mission to change the way the world learns.

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