SmartTerm Accepted into Canada’s Top Incubator Programme

SmartTerm is thrilled to officially announce it has been accepted into the Ryerson DMZ’s Incubator programme in Toronto, Canada.

The Caribbean’s premier online education technology platform, SmartTerm has scored what the Chief Executive Officer, Shamir Saddler sees as a major victory, that is, the company’s acceptance into Canada’s top startup incubator programme, based out of Ryerson University in Toronto.

The 18-month incubator, which is available to startups all around the world, is designed to help support venture-backable pre-seed and seed-stage tech startups develop and execute their North American go-to-market strategy, identify ideal customer personas and achieve product-market fit.

SmartTerm, which was launched in 2016 is a unified student information and learning management solution for educational institutions. The platform was built from the ground up to provide a best-in-class product experience. It is designed to make learning accessible on any device, whether it sits on a desk or in one’s pocket. Teachers can share assignments, upload syllabi, create discussion boards and teach via video conferencing. Learners, on the other hand, can retrieve information, receive updates and complete assignments online.

“The DMZ is thrilled to have the SmartTerm team join our Incubator’s first equity-based cohort,” stated Shane Flynn, Director, Incubator at the DMZ. Having had the opportunity to work with SmartTerm through our international DMZYYZ program, our virtual 6-week Bootcamp, and now our flagship Incubator program, we’re excited to continue to be part of their journey as they scale their solution into North America.”

Shamir Saddler, CEO of SmartTerm explained, “Learning is universal and I am happy to see SmartTerm, a Caribbean technology company, grow and have that global impact on education and learning. By growing globally, we will be able to bring more advanced solutions to our region.”

Ayodele Pompey, Chief Product Officer also sees the global potential of the incubator opportunity. “This is one step closer to our vision of becoming a globally competitive education technology company. The DMZ is Canada’s top startup incubator, so I am proud that we were able to make it into this highly competitive program. This is the result of teamwork and solid execution of our business and product strategy.”

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